The workplace can be intimidating place, especially for young Singaporeans who just stepped into the workforce. Aside from developing skills sets unique to your profession, there are certain essential things that every working adult needs to have. And that is workplace interpersonal skills

At CharismaWithAlvin, we’ll show you how to navigate through the workplace jungle by teaching you workplace interpersonal skills and tips to help build your general social skills!

What is CharismaWithAlvin?

Alvin Song

Creator of CharismaWithAlvin

Hi There I’m Alvin! I’m just a regular guy from Singapore passionate about personal development. I wish to share with you social skills and tips I’ve picked up over the years working on self-confidence, generally improving my charisma. Throughout my journey, I’ve read a lot of self-improvement books, going for personal development courses and have applied them all to my life. Charisma With Alvin, hence is a blog for sharing what social skills and tips I have found most effective. Learn from my mistakes so that you don’t have to make them yourself.






Personal development singapore

Personal Development

Personal Development is about investing in yourself, making a commitment to bettering yourself. Personal development allows you to be proactively seeking out ways to improve, rather than waiting for things to happen, you get out there and make them happen.

Be guided through personal development tutorials and walk throughs. Learn about the many benefits comes with improving yourself!

Workplace Interpersonal Skills and Tips

Workplace interpersonal skills and tips are social skills that allow us to better communicate and interact effectively with others in the work environment. Also known as soft skills, interpersonal skills also help you to develop relationships with your work colleague. Strong relationships with the people you work with will help you succeed in the workplace.

Workplace interpersonal skills are sometimes called employability skills. The keyword “employability” suggest the importance of these skills; social skills is a essential factor that hiring managers in Singapore look out for when screening candidates.

Even if you excel at the technical aspects of your job, if you’re a disaster to work with, your presence in the office will not be well received. Many professions in Singapore require working with others, hence it is important for you to develop your workplace interpersonal skills!

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I love reading Alvin's articles, there are many social tips and tricks I've picked up over time that have tremendously improved my quality of life!

Joanna ChristineFreelance CopyWriter

CharismawithAlvin gave me a step-by-step guidance on how to build my confidence and make me a much better person! My work collegues saw a change in me in a month!

Eve CrawfordProduct Designer, That Biz

My biggest win from CharismawithAlvin was understanding my personality quirks and how to adapt them to make myself into a more respectable and likable person

Jack LeePilates Instructor

I couldn't believe how impactful improving my interpersonal skills is on my professional life. CharismaWithAlvin taught me the ropes, helping me build better relationships with my co-workers.

Zack TanFinancial Advisor, DBS
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