When you think of charismatic people who comes to mind? People would think of famous icons like, Elvis Presley, American musician an actor that was dubbed the “King of Rock and Roll” and Audrey Hepburn, known as the “The most endearing female grace & fashion icon of the 20th century. There are many famous icons in the world that became famous in the first place for having immense charisma.

Check our this video to understand a little more about Elvis Presley as a person:

While all these famous figures are doubtlessly charismatic, all of their personalities differ. However, there are certain traits and habits that are practiced by all of them. Through this article, you’ll learn of the 7 Habits Of A Charismatic Person.

1. A Great Listener

Charismatic person

Empathy is one of the most desirable traits of a person. To possessing the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from based on their perspective; the ability to place oneself into another’s position. A charismatic person has a keen sense of empathy, that is displayed through being a great listener.

Here are 5 tips to great listening:

  1. Do not interrupt

Allow for whoever you are communicating with to express their thoughts and feelings without being interrupted. By doing so, you are giving them respect. Attentively listen to what the other party is saying instead of thinking of how to respond.

  1. Be a reflective listener

Being a reflective listener is to understand the other party’s thoughts and ideas, and to restate or offer them back to affirm that you have understood the other party correctly. This shows that you’re vested in the person and made effort to understand him/her.

  1. Provide a safe avenue

Show that you’re trustworthy by being open-minded and non-judgmental. Help the other party feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable with you. The best way to do this, is to be vulnerable first. If you open up and share scary thoughts and feelings, they will be more likely to be vulnerable with you.

  1. Maintain eye contact

Body language plays a large part of being a great listener and maintaining good eye contact is crucial. Looking around or fidgeting with anything gives off the impression that you’re not invested in the other party. Show that you’re given the person your undivided attention by maintaining eye contact.

  1. Ask questions

Asking questions is one of the best ways to show that you’re attentively listening. This however, does not mean that you should ask questions for the sake of asking. Ask questions depending on how difficult or “deep” the conversation. Be sensitive to how comfortable the other party is with answering questions.

2. Not An Attention Seeker

charismatic personality

There is a distinct difference between being an attention seeker and being at the centre of attention. Although charismatic people do not crave attention, they naturally draw others to them for a number of reasons, one of which is a great sense of self-worth. Charismatic people do not actively seek the approval of others, and have firm belief in their own worth and value. They are comfortable being themselves around people.

Secondly, charismatic people do not compare themselves to others, or at least to an unhealthy extent. They recognise that it is detrimental to oneself to compare. Genuinely charismatic are not egoists who can’t stand sharing the limelight with anyone else. Instead, they would often try to bring other people they find wonderful into the spotlight. A great example of a person who embodies these characteristics is Chris Evans. Watch interviews that Chris Evans has with Chris Hemsworth

Sometimes, the coolest person in the room is the one who makes other people feel cool, by listening and taking a vested interest in them. “The prevailing belief is that to be cool, you have to be distant, remote, mysterious, and impossible to fathom. But the truth is that to be a fascinating person, you don’t have to distance yourself from others. The most fascinating people are those who are fascinated,” Dr. Susan Shumsky tells Bustle. “In other words, they are people who are curious and interested in other people and in things they are learning and discovering. To be cool, be engaged.”

3. Takes Insecurity As An Opportunity

Charismatic people use insecurities to connect with others. While most naturally hide their insecurities, they acknowledge their flaws and challenge them. Influential people like Oprah Winfrey, one of the greatest talk show host in the world, openly shares her struggles with self doubt.

In an interview she said “I was most terrified of not being enough. Not being good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough. The thing that made me feel enough was being able to stand in front of people and speak…I was really confident that my ability to use my voice and project my voice in front of people was inspirational enough, was impactful enough, to make a difference.”

Understand that even Oprah Winfrey, who was dubbed the “world’s most powerful woman” by CNN and TIME, is still human, with many flaws and insecurities. It’s however, how one chooses to handle insecurities that makes all the difference.

And although she felt that, Oprah had an unwavering self-acceptance, choosing to challenge her own insecurities, which in turn encourage others to challenge theirs.

4. Has Great Energy

charismatic personality

All want to feel positive and cheery. They make people feel good and hyped up. life of the party. Break social convention

Fun people are sharp, witty (sometimes acerbic, but always in a clever way), keep informed about matters, and can keep you laughing with them.

Fun people are entertaining to be with on boring plane rides, in terrible hotel rooms, during protracted games of chess, and at home when the electricity goes out during a thunderstorm. Anyone up for shadow animals?

They’re just a treasure, and if you know one of them, tell them this.

It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the external, and think that coolness comes from the way someone looks, how they dress, etc. But it’s almost 100 percent internal. “Cool is a feeling, a mindset, a way of being and acting,” licensed clinical psychotherapist Dr. Fern Kazlow tells Bustle. “The inner state that determines cool is confidence, self-acceptance, clarity, conviction, and commitment.”

It can take a lot of work to cultivate these traits. But if someone’s willing to go through some self-discovery, and accept themselves for who they are, they can be cool, too.

5. Eludes Self-Confidence

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When it comes to projecting confidence, a lot of it has to do with the fact cool people aren’t trying too hard to impress anyone. “Cool people don’t need to try, they are,” board-certified life coach Esther Gonzalez-Freeman BCC tells Bustle. “It is a way of being.”

While this trait may be hard-earned for the coolest folks of the world, Gonzalez-Freeman says it can be easily copied by “not apologizing for who you are or trying to be like anyone other than yourself.”

And this is true even if you believe yourself to be imperfect. “Cool people accept parts of themselves that others may be busy trying to hide,” she says. “I think that is why we often associate the idea of someone who is chill as being cool. If you aren’t busy trying to be someone you’re not, then that is one less thing to stress about!”


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